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Work Zone by Department and Municipality
San Salvador Abroad

La Paz

Santo Tomas
Tierra Blanca

San Rafael Obrajuelo
Santiago Nonualco
San Pedro Nonualco
Santa Maria precipitate
La Herradura

Local Economic Development Program

For seven years, FADEMYPE has incorporated the Local Economic Development process that has led to the formation of local organizations under a legal approach, mainly in the region Nonualcos. Thus, organizations that bring together groups as arising: Wings in Santiago Nonualco, APROSPEN in San Pedro Nonualco, San Rafael ACCAPRO Obrajuelo, APROFRUTAS in Santa Maria Ostuma, ASEMOL I Olocuilta, AREDGA in Panchimalco, Santo Tomas.

Each of the groups were at leadership training offering specialist supported, teamwork, administrative controls, costs, Customer, conflict resolution, budget management. As other props have also given them technical assistance for specialization in different sectors as winemaking, shampoo, soaps, presentation and diversification of dishes, commercial image, other support is interning for capturing success stories.

In the process of strengthening has been achieved organizations to achieve a level of management with municipalities and cooperating, also have a basic infrastructure that allows them to meet, promote and sell their products.

Micro Credits Program

The main objective is to encourage self FADEMYPE of micro and small entrepreneurs by providing training and development services and credit support; this with the idea to help minimize poverty rates within the sector attended.

From the beginning, the program will work in the departments of San Salvador; Chalatenango and La Paz. Now, have extended services to the departments of San Vicente and Usulutan La Libertad and less presence in the departments of Cuscatlan, La Libertad and Santa Ana.

FADEMYPE customers are seen as micro-entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs in El Salvador, sector particularly subsistence, Simple accumulation, extended enterprise and small accumulation, which are attended with financial and / or non-financial services, which focus on 51% in rural and 49% in urban areas. Credit services are concentrated 53.90% in urban and 46.10% in rural areas.

Particularly the loan portfolio, concentrates its operations in the business sectors of the Trading with the 76.49%, Agriculture 8.00%, services 9.71% e industria 5.80%. Which in turn, are redistributed in the various segments of customers served by FADEMYPE.

CDMYPE Project

The Centre for Development of Micro and Small Enterprises, through a private-public-academic partnership with the Ministries of Economy and the National Commission for Micro and Small Enterprises (CONAMYPE) put at the disposal CDMYPE development center-FADEMYPE Santo Tomas.

The CDMYPE-FADEMYPE serves companies and entrepreneurs in the south of the department of San Salvador and La Paz. The table below are the services offered:

Counseling Business. is provided integral support to the entrepreneur or business to help you solve problems in areas of the company as: Administration, production, marketing, finance, etc.. Free Service
Advice on the use of Information and Communication Technologies. The businessmen and supported to apply technology (computing, computer systems, electronic devices, internet, telecommunications, inter alia) and with it access to new services and more information, improve their skills, open new markets, inter alia Free Service
Support. services offered technical issues Gestión business on specialized topics, strengthening aspects as: production processes designs, reformulation and product diversification, commercial image, marketing plans, promotion strategy design or advertising or other business requiring. Co-funded by the Government, must provide the employer between 5 and 20%, depending on the characteristics of the company.
Training. Information is provided in different areas, as a group for one or more companies in various topics like: personal entrepreneurial characteristics, business plans, effective sales techniques, customer service, inter alia. Free Service

For more information call CDMYPE-FADEMYPE: 2355-2909/2203-0267 ó visit su facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/cdmype.fademype


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