Vision / Mission – Values


Being an organization leader in providing quality integrated services MSE entrepreneurs in El Salvador.


Being a Foundation, with Local Development perspective, provides financial services and business development, to meet credit needs, knowledge and integration opportunities businessmen and MSE, particularly those of the subsistence sector in El Salvador.


Solidarity. Identification with the MSE sector, the Salvadoran people, our human resource and institutional, to promote sustainable self-development initiatives.

Responsibility. In the performance and execution of all our actions and commitments.

Intregridad. At decision, in our professionalism and the exercise of ethical values.

Identity. Valuing diversity and respect for our culture and customs.

Transparency. In obtaining and managing resources, in operations and accountabilities to our strategic partners and target group.


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25 Calle Pte. and 21 By. Nth. # 1205, Cologne Layco, San Salvador.