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Visit of young students

Last Friday, 02 September / 16, young Lutheran University students were present on the premises of FADEMYPE, San Salvador, as part of its investigation
about the selection process Human Resources. We are glad that we can be part of academic processes that strengthen the business dynamics of our country.
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To better serve each and all, We have moved!

New address: Col. Las Mecedes, Calle Alberto Masferrer. #132, Km 12. St. Thomas, San Salvador.  Telephone: 2203-0267 and 2355-2909

        New location CDMYPE



Accountability CONAMYPE

The National Commission for Micro and Small Enterprises (better known as CONAMYPE), is a strategic ally of our actions and the 24 August / 2016 accountability of that institution held.
In this event, General Manager participated FADEMYPE and with him, Representatives of the foundation in two programs: Entrepreneurship Advisory Council and the Association CDMYPE.
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Embark Youth 2016

For all and all young people who are starting their business plans: The following link can fill out registration forms for entrepreneurial training initiative YOUTH EMPRENDE 2016, which is performed in 8 regional offices CONAMYPE.




Visit WCCN

Last Tuesday 12 April / 16, a visit was made of WCCN (Working Capital for Comunities Needs), one of our funders, to document the positive impact that microfinance is having on the lives of clients and. entrepreneurs who have improved their business thanks to the entrepreneurs were visited and
adquiridos.Nos credits are very proud to be part of contributing to economic development and Salvadorans ages 18 70 years, urban and rural areas, the department of Sonsonate, San Salvador, Zacatecoluca, San Vicente and Usulutan.


visita3 visita4
  Honey production  Dairy  Milk production  Bakery


Launch of Women Award El Salvador
Again, Strategic Joint Tables (better known as “tables PEC”) They bear fruit. This time, Gender PEC table held the launch of Women Award, Enterprising Woman Award, in Spanish, last 01 / April.“Women in development”, the theme of the annual award of our organization MARKANT, Belgian entrepreneurs, It has 16 group initiatives
and individualesde El Salvador. The women presented their companies to the jury, who will select the 10 more potential. These companies will have a dedicated advice from Trias and will be accompanied by mentors in the coming months. Good luck to all, businesswomen, We win all business experience. 
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Schedule for festivities 2015

Wishing you happy holidays and success for 2016, We share our schedule for December festivities 2015:

  schedules for festivities 2016


First Meeting between companies and local governments to attract investment to the region of Los Nonualcos
Our task is to serve micro and small entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in a comprehensive manner, It is why we are always looking for partnerships with private and public entities. The 10/12/2015, an event was held with various stakeholders as president PROESA, Sigfrido Reyes; Vice-Minister of Commerce and Industry, Merlin Barrera; Mayors of the region and entrepreneurs
They look favorably invest in the area of ​​Nonualcos.
the various mechanisms discussed to generate: higher productivity, employment and development; parallel with the promotion of foreign investments. as product, is reason greatly to entrepreneurs and businessmen to open doors to investors with foreign capital.  
Internship fishermen and the APESCU
As part of new experiences, the fishermen and the Federation of Production Cooperatives and Fishery Services La Paz (FECOOOPAZ) They had the opportunity to visit a fish processing plant located east of the country, San Miguel specifically. During the visit, and entrepreneurs had the opportunity to learn the history of the Association of Fishermen of Playa el Cuco, learn new marketing strategies, besides the
obstacles and successes they have had throughout their existence.
Also, They had the opportunity to enter the Processing Plant, where they learned what the whole process. From the delivery of fresh fish to final packaging.
This internship filled the audience expectations, since the Federation's plans to mount its own fish processing plant.
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  DSC00602 DSC00632 DSC00636 DSC00540


1er Entrepreneurship Forum: Market Access
Again, Strategic Joint Tables (better known as “tables PEC”) They bear fruit. This time, PEC table Entrepreneurship held a forum on 09 / Sep, for entrepreneurs / os linked to different organizations, learn new ways to market their products.
The forum had very good talks starting with the intervention of Ricardo Ramos, who presented the topic of
the formalization of MSEs companies; followed by an explanation of how to bid on Government Procurement, by Xiomara Benitez; both CONAMYPE. The last was in charge of Antonio Mira de CENTROMYPE, who he described the importance of quality and innovation plays in increasing sales / os entrepreneurs / os MSE.
A day full advantage to entrepreneurs / OS MYPES.
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Business Plan Presentation / Young Entrepreneurs
On Friday 04 / Sep, 13 young entrepreneurs / s presented their business plans that have painstakingly built, following a process of identification and selection of potential business, from slightly more than two months. The presentation of each was full of creativity and innovation. Among the public, It was attended by authorities FADEMYPE, and even more important for young people, his family.
For this effort, and proud, FADEMYPE these initiatives recognized with a diploma which represents the first major step that these young entrepreneurs have.
There is much more to be done in the next stage, but with the dedication they have shown, no doubt that these new businesses will be promising for the development of our country.
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  DSC00355 DSC00339 DSC00381 DSC00400



New schedule for Zacatecoluca Agency

Thinking about the comfort of entrepreneurs and businessmen who prefer our services, from August / 15 have new schedule in Zacatecoluca Agency:

  Zacatecoluca new schedule


Days of Business Plans / Young Entrepreneurs
We continue with the project of Young Entrepreneurs of the Montreal area Mejicanos. In the past week, specifically 22 and 24 July. praise / os they involved / os participated in two preparatory workshops for the development of their respective Business Plans. Among the ideas of business are: chicken farms, hardware and software maintenance, bakeries,
Dairy processing, frozen, liquefied, inter alia.
In fact, some pictures where you can see food, it's just a small demonstration of the / young you are able to do. Food very good quality.
The project “Urban Resilience” It is funded from CORDAID.
  IMG_0209 IMG_0183 IMG_0213 IMG_0155
  IMG_0211 IMG_0229 IMG_0160 IMG_0163


Inauguration of the Montreal Urban Park
The new park was opened Colonia Montreal last Friday 10 July. The park administration is in charge of the municipality of Mejicanos. The area consists of neighborhoods marked by high unemployment, limited availability of basic services; besides being in category “red”; namely, high levels of violence and crime. This helps young people look at situations
conflict making an unsafe area and highly stigmatized.
FADEMYPE continue with the project for a year, awaiting new business ideas of young people to support them administratively and financially.
All this cooperation Cordaid, within the project called “Urban Resilience” which FADEMYPE part. The park benefits more than 40,000 people in the area.
  11222478_413692642151291_2177374496093402828_n 11168953_413694158817806_8071917386709921915_n 11219334_413693068817915_5283194553968100916_n 11666238_413695308817691_8456570646237658090_n


II National Youth Meeting
Again, the effort of the Joint Strategic Mesa Youth , better known as “PEC youth”, He has been successful. This time we talk about II National Youth Meeting held on Friday 3 And the saturday 4 July this year. During the first day of the partipación Melendez had Lilian, Manager of Social Programs ADS / Profamilia and Joseph Jesus Cordova and Flor Quintanilla Menjivar, of FUNDESYRAM, who are organic farmers and specialists in youth and gender issues respectively. The directors of each
counterpart signed a Commitment Letter with which the new challenges venture into which the whole youth and entrepreneurs will participate. The day in the afternoon and the next day had starring young representatives 7 participating organizations; together a path of action for the inclusion of the generational approach was developed and created a Youth Committee, who will be responsible for ensuring that the route is carried out.
All this would not be possible without the support of TRIAS agency cooperation with Belgian government funds.
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  DSC09474 DSC09476 DSC09477  


Launch of Strategic Plan for the MSE
The day Thursday 18 of June, CONMYPE made the launch of the Strategic Plan 2015-2019. This document is based on Five Year Development Plan, Promotion Act, Protection and Development of the MSE, National Police of MSEs and Entrepreneurship Naional Policy.
The Vice President, Oscar Ortiz and Executive Director of the CONAMYPE, Licda. Ileana Rogel
were the officials responsible for this document.
Also, as guests of honor were: Mr.. Miguel Lopez, General Manager and FADEMYPE, Delfina businesswoman Campos, one of the owners of La Ostumeña (entrepreneurial business is run by CDMYPE-FADEMYPE)
For more information: News CONAMYPE.
    photo Release  


School replica women leaders
Businesswomen are within our program and Economic Development Services Local Economic Development (SDE / DE); and also they participated in the School of women leaders and managed to successfully culminate it, Now new facilitators in their places of residence and work.
Getting started as facilitators began last 8 May / 15 in their associations: ASAFRUTO, ASAFRUTO and ACOPASAN of R.L. They will be around 10 workshops which will have to impart to other women members.
In FADEMYPE we believe in an inclusive country for everyone.
FADEMYPE has a strong belief and support small and micro and small entrepreneurs; why and at the request of the Cooperative ADAPLI , an exhibition was mounted in our parking facilities on 06 May / 15.
With great enthusiasm they could do some business and promote their products.  
It is very encouraging to know that and we serve entrepreneurs and businessmen have sufficient initiative to create new opportunities for marketing.
Thank you very much for trusting us.
If you are a client or customer and would like to participate in a fair, do not hesitate to contact us.
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Signs Letter of Understanding CONFRAS and FADEMYPE
Among the Confederation of Agrarian Reform Cooperatives (CONFRAS) FADEMYPE and an agreement was signed last 23 April / 15 in which it is linked to CIETA – Research Center, Extension and Agricultural Technology Transfer; administered CONFRAS – with CDMYPE FADEMYPE, to receive business development services.
As well as strengthening capacities for the Organization CONFRAS production process, envasad and commercialization of coconut water and other productive porcesos developed by the same.
This understanding strengthens the capacities of counterparts in the PEC table TRIAS entrepreneurship to develop inclusive and successful productive initiatives.
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Important links through our CDMYPE – FADEMYPE
The linking of private-public partnership-academy FADEMYPE- CONAMYPE has brought great benefits to micro entrepreneurs in the southern part of San Salvador and the Micro Region as business asorías Nonualcos, advice on the use of information and communication technologies (ICT), training, technical assistance and linkages.
It is on this last of which we want to mention, and thanks to the efforts of one of our business advisors, el Soul Mountain theme park He had his own story in the morning program Morning Live.
You can see it in the park facebook page:


Signature Annual Convention 2015 – TRIAS FADEMYPE
March 24/15 annual agreement was signed between TRIAS (Belga agency cooperation) and their 7 counterparts: CLAC, CONFRAS, ROOM, ADEL MORAZÁN, AMC, PROCOMES And FADEMYPE. This Thing, under the three-year partnership agreement 2014-2016 funded by the Directorate General of Cooperation Programme
DGD Development Cooperation of Belgium and TRIAS.
From this cooperation, FADEMYPE is committed to strengthening the productive processes of our trading / os micro / small entrepreneurs os / os with approaches to gender and youth.
   10896960_1420183191627779_3515609206638188936_n 22190_1420183224961109_8562623015596306921_n 10989960_1420182648294500_2720624727816512456_n 11071751_1420182651627833_3554613074000200104_n
Last 10 March / 15 was finalized School Leadership and Economic Empowerment of Women and the Diploma of masculinities, table organized by the Gender Joint Strategic Process (ADEL Morazán, CLAC, CONFRAS, PROCOMES, RUM and FADEMYPE) supported by the International Cooperation of the Government of Belgium.
In the event a diploma and a manual was made so that
Women and Men who completed the process with the aftershocks continue their communities.
It is worth mentioning that with the participation of Mr. Koen Lenaerts, Belgian Ambassador to El Salvador and Mrs.. Hilde Herseen, delegate of the Department of International Cooperation of Belgium to Asia and Latin America.
  11058418_824383514300641_3835644256974545140_n 10645001_824383737633952_2496634533994644418_n 10711001_824383644300628_2315326115703765402_n 10375921_824385527633773_4034522380492674360_n


Primera Feria de la Piña
Last 14 de diciembre/14, en Santa María Ostuma, department of La Paz, se llevó a cabo la I Feria de la Piña, la cual agrupaba a muchas asociaciones y cultivadores independientes de frutas, principalmente de la piña. Muy gentilmente, la alcaldía de la municipalidad nos dió espacio para tener un stand para FADEMYPE donde incluimos productores de otras zonas de la Región de Los Nonualcos.
Por otro lado, tuvimos la participación de Mayra de Contreras, consultora que apoya la zona, quien explicó algunos procedimientos para la producción de derivados de piña. Este evento fue un éxito gracias a la participación de todos y todas nuestros empresarios y empresarias que pusieron todo su empeño en crear un buen ambiente para todos los visiitantes.
    IMG_20141214_095242 IMG_20141214_101751 IMG_20141214_095911
    IMG_20141214_095229 IMG_20141214_124454 IMG_20141214_104935


El sábado 29 de noviembre/14 se realizó el II Encuentro de Fruticultores de la Zona de Los Nonualcos, en el cual estuvieron presentes 4 importantes cooperativas: APPES, ACPROFRUTAS, ASAFRUTOS y ACOPASAN. Las mencionadas crearon vínculos de negocio con los representantes de la Asociación de Pequeños Hoteles (HOPES) quienes fueron nuestros invitados especiales; el objetivo es disminuir los canales de distribución y crear una compra-venta directa entre cultivador y consumidor final además de apoyar al comerciante nacional.
Además contamos con las ponencias de 2 consultoras y 1 consultor independientes: Ing. Patricia Carballo, Licda. Beatriz Alegría y Lic. Carlos Rosales quienes nos ilustraron la cadena de valor en la cual, con nuestros proyectos, se pretende incursionar a los friticultores y fruticultoras de los nonualcos.
Agradecemos también la presencia del Lic. Enrique Crespín, encargado de Desarrollo Económico Local de la Alcaldía de San Pedro Nonualco y Lic. Franklin Mejía, encargado de Desarrollo Económico Local de la asociación de Los Nonualcos
¡Muchas gracias a todos y todas por su valiosa presencia!
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                     DSC09054 DSC09005  DSC09088  DSC09075



La PEC (Proceso Estratégico Conjunto) de Género, el 13 de agosto, dio por inaugurado la Escuela de Liderazgo para las Mujeres en la cual estuvieron presentes coordinadores de la PEC, directivos de las instituciones aliadas, hombres comprometidos con las mujeres y mujeres que forman parte de esta Escuela de Liderazgo para las Mujeres.

El evento inició con la presentación del objetivo de la actividad, seguido de una presentación del trabajo de la PEC dada por una respresentante de la CLAC, Rubidia Escobar: aqui se presentaron los requisitos que debe tener la alumna que es parte de la Escuela. La representante de la Región C.A., Astrid Vreys dió unas breves palabras del porqué es necesaria la inclusión de género y jóvenes en El Salvador.

La lectura y firma de las Carta Compromiso de Mujeres y Organizaciones fue una de las partes más

importantes pues es aquí donde cada una se comprometió a ser parte activa de la Escuela para, posteriormente, dar réplicas de los conocimientos adquiridos a otras mujeres.

En la última parte del evento se hizo entrega de unas velas de la fuerza que representa el inicio de la Escuela de Liderazgo para las Mujeres; fueron entregadas a cada alumna por los directivos de las contra partes aliadas en esta iniciativa.

La Escuela de formación está dirigida a mujeres jóvenes y adultas que estén vinculadas a una organización social o en proyectos de desarrollo con mujeres.

¡Felicidades a las alumnas de la Escuela de Liderazgo para las Mujeres!

                     DSC08514 DSC08518  DSC08537  
                     DSC08573 DSC08577  DSC08590  


XV Anniversary Celebration him

Wednesday 23 July, in a morning session, We were celebrating our 15 years of work with public and private officials, personal internal, businessmen and businesswomen and, men and women. To start in the best way, our President, Bachelor Hortensia Garcia gave a warm welcome speech.

We have the presence of Mr. Alfonso Goitia, Senior Advisor and Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Economy-MINEC your important paper-: "Productive Transformation Policy and Business supported by the Ministry of Economy".

Para ver más fotografías del evento click aquí

Then the lawyer Miguel Lopez, General Manager of the Foundation, we presented the achievements and contributions made FADEMYPE fifteen years. To end delivery of awards and medals founding members stepped-, FADEMYPE personnel and businessmen and businesswomen who are served in any of our programs, micro finance and business development.

As an extra point and very special, an exhibition was about 25 products of different businesses that are located in different parts of the country.

It was an honor to have you here.

¡15 años Creciendo y Fortaleciendo a las MYPES!



Forum “Model Hits CDMYPE” 2014
This forum was an effort done by Wednesday CONAMYPE 21 May to highlight some entrepreneurs who have been successful because of the benefits they provide Desrrollo Centers for Micro and Small Business (CDMYPE). Are 12 CDMYPES in total; through a private-public alliance academy, not only maximizes government investment but also, leverages the expertise of both universities and organizations would not guebernamentales (with attention to the trajectory of MSEs). For every dollar invested by CONAMYPE, Carrier institution contributes another dollar CDMYPE, thereby keeping the model running at the service of companies.   The forum did this 2 Exhibition companies benefiting from CDMYPE-FADEMYPE: Summer y APPES.
The first is a company in the south of San Salvador which is engaged in the production of coconut water, sweets and manure composting; second, is a cooperative of Santa Maria Ostuma producing mainly pineapple and derivatives as jellies, packaged juices, confectionery, inter alia. Also, el Gerente General de FADEMYPE, Licenciado Miguel Lopez gave a presentation called: “Impact of the Economic Development CDMYPE in the territories where they are located”. We hope more micro and small entrepreneurs to approach to make our country grow. Worth mentioning that our services are free and few are shared expenses.

Serving the MSEs of El Salvador!

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                  DSC08242 DSC08246 DSC08262 DSC08270


Recycling Campaign 2014
As part of our commitment to future generations of the world, we have started a recycling campaign in our three offices. As a first step, Stand specific containers for recycling plastics, aluminum, paper and paperboard; beginning with household trash such as cans, yogurt containers, water bottles, inter alia. Followed by exposure to our work group to raise awareness about the proper use of recyclable and non-recyclable materials.
In addition, staff posts are made, periodically, reminding them of the importance of this campaign to the present and the future. With this effort we aim to be, a medium-term period, company with a friendly environment. A long-term aim to achieve that with the joint efforts, between beneficiaries of our foundation and the institution, public and corporate awareness of protecting the environment is strengthened.
                   DSC08341   DSC08343      
                                                                             recycling campaign      



Present range of services offered by the CDMYPE, that operates in partnership with CONAMYPE FADEMYPE

Last 11 February, Development Center for Micro and Small Business which supports the Southern Zone of San Salvador and La Paz (based in St. Thomas), inaugurated its year of activities 2014 with ceremony attended by the technical center, director CDMYPE, el gerente General de FADEMYPE, representatives of the Municipality of Santiago Nonualco and director of the CONAMYE: without missing the protagonists: micro and small entrepreneurs.
“With this activity, This Centre aims to entrepreneurs and enterprising people in the south of San Salvador and the department of La Paz know the range of services offered to the business building.” We leave on link to see details:


PSPECIAL AWARDS FONDEPRO for region Los Nonualcos

The Ministry of Economy through the Productive Development Territorial Management, Productive Development Fund (FONDEPRO) and the National Commission for Micro and Small Enterprises (CONAMYPE), Contest provided grant funds to support the Productive Development Initiatives in Associative 5 municipalities in the region Nonualcos, late last year. Therefore CDMYPE FADEMYPE stimulated with a 6 partnerships that will compete. It was a tough road since created and presented a draft initiative for productive agricultural enterprise; however, got delicious fruit crops, since 06 February 2014, 3 of the 6 associations were supported by us were winners, is sound:
-ASAFRUTO with the "construction project collection center for fruits, Pineapple for marketing in the formal and informal market "-APPES with the project" Construction of the plant for fruit porcesadora. It pineapple for marketing in the formal and informal market "-FECOOPAZ with the project" Rehabilitation center for collection and marketing industry in the area of ​​Estero Jaltepeque in El Salvador "Part of the award will be given through services CDMYPE. APPES won the highest accolade and following him ASAFRUTO FECOOPAZ.

¡Muchas congratulations to all!


    62366_486383731471453_1708522631_n ASAFRUTOS Award  




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