The objective is to ensure that FADEMYPE processes of Local Economic Development (DEL) Supporting have greater scope, working to strengthen the partnerships already established in previous years with national and international institutions to provide greater support to MSEs in El Salvador.

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Strategic alliance was strengthened this organization Belgian; baseline and he became the first full 3 year program, during the year was presented was formulated and presented the proposed plan for the period 2011-2013.

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During the years of 2010 to the 2011 The project was conducted for the development and strengthening youth entrepreneurship with social risk situations of communities in the metropolitan area of ​​San Salvador. This project formed a total of 60 young entrepreneurs and created 25 new ventures.

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The project: “Vista Hermosa” Phase 2 It is aimed at young entrepreneurs at risk and has the following components: Technical Training, Culture of Peace, intermediation, entrepreneurship and another component to funding new business initiatives. The three institutions share from their respective views, the objectives and scope of the project. The funds are earmarked for microlending entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs that have been formed by SSPAs entrepreneurially and have a viable business plan and feasibility to start your own business.


The National Commission for Micro and Small Enterprises (CONAMYPE) put at the disposal CDMYPE development center-FADEMYPE Santo Tomas, by a partnership in which the CONAMYPE, promotes strategies for the manufacturing sector enterprise through the process of local development through production chains methodology value approach. Through these efforts have identified, and to date there are supporting, production chain processes through Regional Centers CONAMYPE, who work in partnership and coordination with local institutions and actors, national and international. Currently serves from CDMYPE FADEMYPE, businesses and entrepreneurs in the south of the department of San Salvador and La Paz.

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With the Association of Microfinance Organizations of El Salvador, most important action was the consulting done with the support of the Central American Microfinance Network. MISSION Project REDCAMIF dela about implementing Performance Management System Social(GDS). ASOMI has assumed the task of promoting the incorporation with its affiliates in their monitoring systems the issue of GDS.

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With the NGO `s Movement for Microenterprise Development. MODES: He participated in the organizing process with other NGOs, working in other fields complementary to the work of FADEMYPE.


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