Footwear “The Mejia”

DSC07517On 2002, with soil as 21 years old, Mario Adalberto Mejia began his business selling shoes on the streets of Zacatecoluca, department of La Paz. Sales were low, but he was always looking to grow a little more. Four years later, Don Mario got a store in the same town and called his business: Footwear "Los Mejia". Seeing the need to make bigger your business, have more fine footwear and market other products; sought a credit institution that will provide an agile and affordable interest rate, so that makes 6 years knows FADEMYPE. "I liked the options they had, plans and interests above all, is what one goes "we said. His record has been excellent and the results also; business has improved a lot.

With the relocation of the market viroleño, Don Mario was not interested since a small, or medium; therefore sought a local area, is quite wide where there is room for more merchandise; and is now not only sells shoes, but also recycles disposable product, sells water bag and the school season, has introduced backpacks and lunchboxes. He is the local administrator and seller, but not cope with everything, has employed 4 Most people that are responsible to promote the goods. Among his future plans is to sell shoes other and reach other markets.

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