Packers “Summer” and Typical “Nicole”

DSC07554Mario Molina and Sandra are the owners of a filling of coconut water and sweets, located in Renderos Plans, San Salvador department. The coconut water business called "Summer" began in 2007; however, find the market was not easy, shops and restaurants had very little demand. They managed to get in convenience stores (stations) but the picture was not the best. By knowing CDMYPE-FADEMYPE, For about 4 years old, offered them a change of logo to your sales progressed "It was a shock, coconut water sold, but with all the makeover improved considerably "We had.

Gradually the idea grew typical products market, like candy and toast; and does 3 years typical "Nicole" were founded, between their products are the citronadas fruit and choice of toast. With the help of advisers CDMYPE-FADEMYPE managed to obtain several health records equally, a makeover: "Sales have really improved a lot and that is thanks to the help they have given us, we are glad to be among the few who sell sweets in prestigious locations "they added. The quality standards of the two products have greatly improved, from flavors to packaging, adding that they have permanently employed 2 others, making a total of 7.

DSC07556They have been more or less 8 technical assistance (AT) of which Don Mario and Doña Sandra participated "Nothing remains on paper, all helped us to move forward, "said. New for this year is the organic fertilizer, dice as Doña Sandra: "Is made from solid waste of all shells and coir"; obtained from the production of coconut water sweet, it is an idea that came from CDMYPE-FADEMYPE in pro the environment, "the support will give us the payment will not be economical, sino have. Nobody gives priority to this. "Commented. For this year are projected to enter the coconut water and the typical "Nicole" in the country's supermarkets and grow in convenience stores, besides producing more compost.


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