Ender Leonel Ayala

DSC08812With only 26 age, Jose Noe Hernandez Pacheco, originally from San Rafael Obrajuelo; is dedicated to working from very small field; especially in agriculture and livestock. And other, came to training with high expectations, topics seemed interesting because you want to work hard and improve the living conditions of his family. It tells us that "The talks have helped to beat at home, are extra income. The talks that impressed me most was the insemination, This has helped me to improve my cattle ".

José has also received lectures on organic fertilizer, silage, and home gardens. Silage; being feed for livestock, it has been very beneficial because it is cheaper and better quality food and prepared. Their standard of living has changed considerably since now has multiplied their own cattle and other farm animals. One factor that has helped them achieve their goals is the support of your family. A petition did was we expand the range of topics also urged us to invite more people to get involved in these activities; especially because Joseph is clear that what is needed in the present and in the future is caring for our Environment.

This is a story that FADEMYPE is motivated to continue this type of training. We are happy that they will engage in work and want to be part of their success.



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