CAM000511José Aníbal Hernández Ventura 44 years is tinsmith and is also engaged in agriculture and livestock. Your home is located San Rafael Obrajuelo, department of La Paz. He defines himself as an entrepreneur, because their aim is to work to improve their living conditions and maximize the opportunities life gives you. The new opportunity is opened by a client of FADEMYPE; he was summoned to the training of livestock and farming also given for us. We commented that there are a variety of benefits that bring this type of training; for example, "My kids are distracted working on small orchard and we are seeing benefits; the good thing is that we had to start our seeds for home gardening. I remember we needed to close the sections screens but we got through and there are fruits of small home gardens ".

Another training which has been part Don Hannibal is on the preparation of compost; tells us that "it is important to him because plants need organic material, go leaving behind chemical and implement new technology ". He tells us that it seems necessary to monitor all subjects because all important; also already met with the president of the ADESCO other issues that need, especially those that deal with herbicides, outside contamination.

As a family, all are active instilling values ​​about work, teach their children to always have to work and learn, not stagnate but be busy. Finally Don Anibal shows us: "These services are important in my community, it is necessary to implement the above to see how bring up the environment, we can no longer pollute more. Another activity in which I am involved is the collection of empty containers so we are also releasing, doing our part to continue working in this direction and achieve the objectives that we already have in mind, which is to improve the quality of life of our environment ".


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