Bakery “Mama Luz”

DSC08202Ago 15 years old, in 1999, Violeta Cruz started her bakery "Mama Luz" which is located on Panoramic Highway to Resume, La Paz. The bakery was founded with a sister, elaborated some French bread and sweet bread. Then, a cousin joined them; participated in some training and managed to do some more varieties of sweet bread distributed in stores. The hardest thing initially was to obtain credit, because they had nothing to give assurance; but needed more raw materials and furnaces. Violeta afirma que es una empresa familiar, but no longer works with his sister, This has started a business in the same field. Now, work 5 family in the bakery, from production to distribution. "My mom is my greatest inspiration," he commented. He describes it as a very hardworking woman and the name of the bakery makes it the honor. Violeta manage, purchase, Sell, produces and distributes; It is a multi-person company. "I got involved in all that is necessary to meet the clients and offer a better product and better service", tells.

DSC08205Since the 2011, Bakery "Mama Luz" working with the CDMYPE-FADEMYPE; Violet already had a slight notion that some institutions afforded technical assistance and training at no cost. But annealed to the development centers in announcements of different media. "The process was easy", states. "At first we had a consulting, then we did the image, Menu layout, good handling food, accounting… We have improved since our little cottage is more attractive, We have promoted more special bread and cakes ", adds. Las expectativas a futuro son puntuales: Maintaining price stability and be skilled in the modern pastry.


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