Dairy “San Gabriel”

Lacteos "San Gabriel"From 1982 engaged in the marketing of dairy, initiated with the production thereof. They started with 100 bottles of milk and cheese sold it in the market, as street. "The biggest cost at that time was to get the money to invest," said. Then, the company grew a little more and could get a local market Zacatecoluca, Department of Peace. They were happy to have a stable place to be. D haecidieron will not only distribute but queso fresco also old hard cheese and cream.


They worked with other institutions, peroce 6 years met FADEMYPE, "We liked that the process was more agile and the lowest interest" told us, "Well when you need help, help you and that is good ", Added. His business has had good crops. And as, if open from Monday to Sunday 7 a.m hasta 4:30 p.m and their roles are shared; both administered and the two sold. Now not only sell products but also plastic milk, pastas and commodities as oil for cooking, Disposable, inter alia. Don and Doña Roxana Santos hope to expand their business with another local and have more products.





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