Clothing and Transportation “Ramos”


José Lino Ramos is a visionary man, Year 2007 decide to start your business in the Morazán passage Clothing Market Zacatecoluca, in the Department of Peace; with many expectations and too many challenges, achieving buy a home but the investment was very little "in the clothing business, money is not abundant. I started without employee "said. The level of sales was not what I expected. "There was a bit of motivation but that I did not throw in the towel", says Don Lino. On 2009 He handled his first loan with FADEMYPE, since he knew enough financial means and acknowledged that the foundation has the best credit schemes. "FADEMYPE helped me a lot because it gives me financial stability, I get almost everything you need to keep investing. I feel really happy to work with FADEMYPE "commented.

DSC07511His business has grown considerably because investments are larger and at Christmas time Contractual 4 more employees. Thanks to their efforts and good management, now also has a transport business staff. “I can now say that my business has grown, because I already have formal accounting, 2 minibuses and 1 employee” adds. “Placed between flat” says Don Lino, “grow is in the business of buying another local clothing, if given the opportunity and growth in the transportation business”.


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