Shop “Adelita”


Con 64 age, Doña Blanca Adela Ramirez owns a store, located at kilometer 72 the main street of the Costa del Sol, La Paz department; called "Shop Adelita". We note that for about 30 years she bought goods in a nearby village called La Herradura and had a little shop in a place very sneaky, where the flow of people was limited; then her husband got a job as a caretaker in the turicentro INPEP (National Institute of pensions for public employees) and moved the business, activity was increasing as the store was on the edge of street. However, when INPEP changed hands, with his savings bought land in the same area, ago 23 years old. With some friends, Doña Blanca Adela created a group to borrow, and in the year 2000, one loan officer approached and proposed services FADEMYPE offers. That was how one of the first groups of solidarity institution created, being the owner of the "Shop Adelita" the president. His other partners are also traders, make omelettes, inend peaceor have stores pa.


All have been you benefit. In the case of Doña Adela, have been introduced more products like footwear, clothing, stationery, school supplies and even perfume; also has an employee who takes care of business. She tells us that she is very happy to receive support from the foundation, that is with the "Adelita Store" that has sustained his family. In the near future plans to increase the volume of your merchandise and maximize sales. Doña Blanca Adela is admirable because it has managed to bring his family, their solidarity group and its balanced business.

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