Who we are?

The Foundation for Self-Development of Micro and Small Enterprise (FADEMYPE) is a non-profit foundation born in July 1999, with the purpose of promoting the self-entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs and small business Salvadoran, through the provision of credit and business development, and local. Its purpose is to improve the living conditions and participation of businessmen and local economic development.

In 2016 have been initiated with 1 permanent program and 2 projects that support our institutional mission and vision:

  • Credit Program: providing micro loans to micro and small entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from $40.00 onwards, with weekly payment facilities, fortnightly and monthly. Our lines of credit are: Rural Credit, housing loan, credit services and transport, microenterprise credit (It adquisisó of equipment or product to market), Individual loans and credit associations.
  • Draft “CDMYPE-FADEMYPE”: academia-proven-public partnership, that draws on the knowledge and and experience tantode universities as NGOs. These provide comprehensive care through the following services: Business advice, Consultancy in information technology and communications (ICT), financial advice, advice on women's entrepreneurship, training, technical assistance and linkages.
  • Draft “The Savior, towards inclusive development: Women, Young men from their OB realizing the processes driving Regional Economic Development Sustainable”: using the Belgian Cooperation Agency, TRIAS, working in the region nonualcos with production and improvement initiatives capabilities associations and cooperatives fruit, fishing and dairy.


Oficina Central/S.S. Zacatecoluca Agency
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